Dr Bunch's Professional Seminars

The Enemy in the Mirror® - A Dynamic, Motivational Injury Prevention and Other Wellness Seminars

The Enemy in the Mirror® is Dr. Bunch's hallmark motivational back injury prevention and wellness seminar for employees. It was designed with one goal in mind - to effectively motivate employees to change behaviors that will significantly improve health. This program has accomplished this goal time and time again, saving major corporations millions of dollars.

The Enemy in the Mirror® Motivational Seminars: A singular dynamic program designed to improve employee fitness, and to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, back and neck injuries and cumulative trauma injuries of the extremities & carpal tunnel.

  • Specific topics addressed in this seminar include:
  • The impact of injuries on personal life and work
  • Basic anatomy and biomechanics
  • Effects of improper body mechanics on the body
  • The cause of back, neck and extremity injuries
  • Why traditional reactive medical approaches fail and being proactive works
  • Why surgeries should be avoided and considered only as last resort measures
  • How to keep the body healthy by working smart
  • Proper body mechanics for safe material handling
  • McKenzie concepts, body positioning, posture relief, ergonomics and fitness
  • Reducing the risks of arthritis cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer
  • Early detection and intervention
  • Methods of effective conservative rehabilitation
  • Home and work exercises to keep the body strong, flexible and healthy
  • Proper nutrition, weight and stress control, and changing harmful habits

A one-day Back-To-Fitness® Facilitator's Training Program is available to educate and train selected employees to promote and reinforce the key concepts. Contact us for a course description and proposal.

Wellness Seminars

1. Workplace Nutrition - A Recipe for Optimum Health

Many serious illnesses today, including diabetes, some forms of cancers and cardiovascular diseases, are directly or indirectly associated with improper nutrition in this country. In addition, the current obesity epidemic in the United States has created increasing problems for employers ranging from reduced ability to perform essential tasks of a job (i.e., reduced productivity) and increased incidences of illness and injuries (i.e., increased lost work days). This seminar will identify the problems with today's modern processed foods and fast food services and offer methods to assist improvement in dietary patterns of employees both on and off the job. Dr. Bunch presents a no-nonsense approach to eating healthy that will help employees lose excessive fat, combat aging, improve energy levels, and reduce the obesity-related illnesses.

2. Heart Disease and Cancer - Reducing Employee Health Risks

As the baby boomer generation comes to age, more industries today will be facing a significant increase in the two leading causes of premature death and disability among their workforce - cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes) and cancer. Dr. Bunch addresses alterations in lifestyle and work habits, ergonomic accommodation issues, and methods of ADA-compliant fit-for duty evaluations that will help employees reduce risks of these diseases and help industries effectively deal with this growing crisis among an aging workforce.

3. Diabetes Risk Reduction

Diabetes, especially acquired type II diabetes, is a growing epidemic in the United States with associated medical costs of 300 billion dollars annually in the United States. Over 20 million people now have been diagnosed with type II diabetes in the United States with at least another 5 million who have it but are not yet diagnosed. People who are pre-diabetic or "borderline" diabetic have 10 times greater risk of heart disease than people with normal blood sugar levels. It is predicted that 1 out of 3 people born in 2000 will develop type II diabetes! Type II diabetes is a disease that is growing exponentially as a result of modern poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles. One of the leading causes of blindness, amputation, and cardiovascular disease in the United States, diabetes is a disease that must be controlled and prevented. Dr. Bunch presents the most common risk factors for this disease, describe a method to assess risk factors among the work force, and provide tips on how to reduce diabetic risk factors, including alteration of lifestyle habits, among the work force. He will also address modification of work processes that need to be considered when employing a diabetic person.

4. Back and Neck Injury Prevention

Back and neck injuries comprise more than 50% of workers compensations costs today in the United States and constitute the primary musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that lead to occupational disability. Dr Bunch explains the real underlying causes of these disorders and how traditional reactive medical approaches that address primarily symptoms rather than the cause are ineffective, often doomed to failure, and too often lead to unnecessary surgeries and litigation. He offers to attendees a proven, integrative approach for addressing these disorders based on altering harmful lifestyle habits, using ergonomic and behavioral based interventions, conducting job-specific fit-for-duty functional testing, and understanding effective treatment methods that address the real causes of these MSDs.

5. Reducing Risks of Sprains and Strains - The WUPR Approach

Soft tissue injures involving sprains of joints and ligaments and strains of muscles and tendons are common MSDs that are very costly to industries and can lead to loss of job productivity and even long tem disability. Dr. Bunch addresses an effective integrative approach involving behavioral-based safety methods, cost-effective ergonomic interventions, a highly effective on-the-job stretching program that he developed called the WUPR approach, and effective medical management of these disorders.

6. Managing Stress on the Job.

Mental stress is the robber of the immune system and too often life itself. Stress increases incidences of illnesses and is directly associated with fatigue-related errors in decision making and accidents on the job. In this seminar, Dr. Bunch describes a proven approach to fight the effects of stress that will improve the health of employees, reduce accident incident rates, and improve productivity. Attendees will learn how stress affects the body, methods to reduce stress in the workplace, and how to establish a natural defense mechanism that will resist the harmful effects of everyday and job-related stress.