Becoming a WorkSaver(sm) Affiliate Physical Therapy Clinic

ISR Institute currently has a WorkSaver(sm) provider network of over 150 clinics and the number is growing steadily as more industries sign on for job-specific, validated WorkSaver(sm) employee functional testing services in different regions of the country. WorkSaver(sm) Affiliate Clinics provide new hire (post-offer, pre-placement) and post-injury /illness return-to-work, fit-for-duty functional testing to employees of industrial clients contracted by ISR Institute nation-wide.

The purpose of the WorkSaver(sm) evaluation is to help employers ensure that a person has the functional capacities to perform the essential functions of a job safely. Our job-specific functional testing protocols are ADA and EEOC compliant and have helped industries reduce injuries by more that 68% on average.

ISR Institute provides ongoing support to all WorkSaver(sm) Affiliates and provides quality assurance review on every evaluation performed. This helps to ensure that WorkSaver(sm) evaluations are always performed according to specified criteria and protocol at all times. As a result, WorkSaver(sm) Affiliates have an excellent reputation with our industrial clients for providing quality work that is reliable and effective. All WorkSaver(sm) functional evaluations are based on job-specific criteria derived from physical demand validations conducted by ISR Institute.

As a WorkSaver(sm) Affiliate, your clinic will be marketed to all existing ISR Institute industrial clients as well as new industries. We can assist your clinic as business partners in marketing to industries in your region.

ISR Institute requires WorkSaver(sm) certification training to physical therapy clinics to become part of the WorkSaver(sm) provider network throughout the United States. Training is very economical. We do not require the use of high tech equipment. Clinics must have the following prerequisites for certification training:

  1. Hold a current license in good standing in the fields of physical or occupational therapy.
  2. Have at least 3 years of clinical experience in orthopedic therapy.
  3. Have good references in your community sector.
  4. Have training and experience in functional testing.
  5. Have training and clinical experience in musculoskeletal assessments, especially of the spine.
  6. Have a facility that has adequate space and basic equipment to perform WorkSaver(sm) functional testing.

If interested in becoming a WorkSaver(sm) Affiliate, call ISR Institute for more information:
(985) 853-2214.

If you are an existing WorkSaver customer you can download the P&P Manual below. You will need a password. If you do not have this, please give us a call.

WorkSaver P&P Manual